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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Heat Pump Hot Water System

Installing a heat pump hot water system is a great way to save money and do your bit for the environment … but only if you avoid these 5 common mistakes.

There’s no doubt that switching to a heat pump hot water system is a smart investment – you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills, a definite win-win. 

However, it’s not as simple as installing any old system. If you’re not aware of the potential pitfalls, it can put a serious dent in your ROI and diminish the long-term benefits. 

So if you’re one of the many Australians who are considering installing a heat pump hot water system, read this article first to make sure your chosen system ticks all the right boxes. It could just save you thousands of dollars and a mountain of hassles!


Mistake #1: Hiring the wrong installer

The rising interest in heat pump systems and the large number of rebates available have led to a spike in companies offering to install them. And while some are highly skilled and qualified to do so, unfortunately there are plenty who are not!

While opting for the cheapest installation offer might seem a good way to save money, in the long run, it is bound to cost you a whole lot more. Heat pump systems utilise the surrounding air to heat your water, so it is critical that your installer has a solid understanding of the local climate and your site conditions, so they can choose the right system and install it in the optimum position for maximum efficiency. Without this expertise, you’ll likely end up with a system that is less effective and costs you more to run.

Mistake #2: Choosing a cheap or ‘free’ system

Of equal importance is selecting a quality system. You’ve likely come across the offers of ‘free’ or ‘cheap’ heat pump hot water systems lately, as some companies try to cash in on available government rebates by whacking in cheap systems and pocketing your rebate. 

As discussed in a previous article, this is often too good to be true. There some big problems with opting for cheap or ‘free’ systems including:

  • Low quality heat pump systems break down sooner
  • Cheap heat pump systems don’t work as well
  • Installation is often completed by inexperienced tradies 
  • There are generally hidden costs not included in the quote
  • You’ve used up your one-off rebate on a sub-par system.

As you can see, money saved up-front is not always cost-effective in the long term, so be aware of exactly what you are paying for before you commit.

Mistake #3: Not taking advantage of the rebates

Wherever you live in Australia, there are offers and rebates available to offset the cost of installing a hot water heat pump system. Both federal and state governments are encouraging homeowners to install energy efficient appliances by offering incentives, so be sure to find out exactly what is available and what you are eligible for – and then take full advantage of it. 

To find out more about incentives, check out our recent article ‘Heat Pump Hot Water System Rebates in Australia’ to find out all you need to know. 

Mistake #4: Getting the size wrong

While on the surface it may seem that the bigger the tank the more hot water you’ll have on demand, with heat pump systems this is not always the case. So what could possibly be more important than size? The recovery rate of the unit, as this describes how fast your unit will reheat the next batch of water in the tank. 

To put this in perspective, a high-quality 180L heat pump system such as a Reclaim with a high recovery rate, will actually deliver hot water faster than a cheaper 360L system such as the Medea, even though the Reclaim tank is half the size. So be sure to ask about this when choosing your new system.

Mistake #5: Failing to consider your climate

Another important consideration is your climate, as this will impact the best system for you. Heat pump systems utilise the surrounding air to reduce their reliance on electricity, so if you are located in a cooler climate you may need certain alterations or upgrades to get the most from your system. A qualified and experienced installer can talk you through this and ensure you get the right system for optimum efficiency in your location.

Avoid the mistakes to maximise the gains

With generous incentives and the potential to significantly reduce your energy bills, there has never been a better time to switch to a heat pump hot water system. To be sure you avoid the common mistakes and maximise the gains, contact us to find your local registered heat pump installers, or get a free online quote today.