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Partnership Enquiries

Become a Heat Pump World Partner Business & Be Connected With Hundreds of Clients in Your Service Area

Heat pump suppliers & installers:

We are Australia’s fastest growing provider of hot water heat pumps, connecting installers with homeowners. 

We partner with heat pump installers around Australia to provide them with “ready to buy” homeowner leads who are looking for a trusted installer. 

Apply to partner with us today and, once approved, get access to hundreds of hot water heat pump leads in your area. 

How it works:

  1. We promote the benefits of hot water heat pumps via our paid and organic channels
  2. Home owners actively come to us asking to be connected with a heat pump supplier/installer in their area
  3. We pass their details onto you so you can follow up with them, provide a quote, and install a quality heat pump at their home

Benefits to you, the installer:

  • Scale your business with an unlimited supply of inbound hot water heat pump leads in your service area
  • Exclusive inbound enquiries – we do not send leads to multiple installers or cold call/door knock for leads. These people come to us via ads, social, and organic search.
  • Cross-sell and upsell heat pump customers on your other services such as solar, HVAC, batteries, etc. 

Eligibility criteria to become a partner:

  • Established, licensed business with a good track record for customer service
  • Ability to carry out at least an additional 10 supply/installations each month
  • Large enough service area that we can find you enough leads in your area (e.g. preferably serving at least half a major city, or an entire large town)
  • You install/supply quality heat pump brands – no free/cheap deals only

To apply, fill out the application form below and we will get back to you ASAP with more information:


Who supplies the actual heat pump?

You do. All we do is connect you with the customer – you do everything from there.

Is there a cost involved?

Yes, we charge on a “per lead” basis. You pre-order as many leads as you would like and  pay in advance. The cost depends on your location and volume of leads. Our team will meet with you to discuss pricing.

How quickly are the leads delivered?

You choose the frequency at which you would like the leads supplied. We do recommend a minimum of around 3 leads per day.

What is the expected conversion rate and ROI?

Our partners see anything between a 5% and 15% win rate on quotes for the leads we provide, depending on the range of options offered and their sales/follow up processes. ROI will be based on your profit margin per install. We will do the maths with you prior to entering into a partnership to ensure it’s sustainable for everyone involved.

Enter your info for exclusive heat pump leads in your area: